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Just 10 Things

By Corrie Jennings-Hembree

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Thank You and Happy Couponing

Posted on July 12, 2014 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (41)

Thank you for visiting my website and for your purchases of my clipping services. I have leaving my site up just because it does have good information regarding how to coupon. However, I will no longer be taking orders for my clipping services as God is moving me into new directions. I wish y'all the best!

10 Things In Season as the New Year Starts

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Happy New Year!


Here are Just 10 Things that are in season as we start 2014:


1. Diet Foods - Look for coupons and deals for food items that promote weight loss. This can be everything from Special K cereal and shakes to Lean Cuisine or Adkins frozen meals. Meal replacement bars, power bars and such are also often on sale this time of year with coupons to match.


2. Lighter Fare - In addition, watch for coupon and deal on items such as Tuna, bagged salads and salad dressings. Look for more of these deals as we head into spring.

3. Soups - With cold weather still upon, look for deals and matching coupons on soups. Campbells, Imagine and Progresso all release coupons during cold weather months.


4. Frozen Foods - Prices for many frozen foods go down during cold winter months. This includes everything from pizza to family style lasagne to individual tv dinners and frozen waffles. By matching coupons to lower sale prices, you should be able to save about 33% on frozen foods on the average.


5. Vitamins - Everyone is on a health kick at the start of the year so watch for higher value coupons to match with BOGO sales to make the most out of your mone when stocking up on vitamins for both kids and adults.


6. Cold & Flu medications - Watch for coupons for everything from cough elixer and throat lozenges to Alka Seltzer and more during cold winter weather.

7. Cereal - Usually as the kiddos head back to school after a break for the winter holidays, stores run specials on cereals. Combine these great sales with coupons to really knock the price down. Some stores will even sweetened the deal by giving away free milk when you buy certain quantities.


8. Smoking Cessatation Products - Watch for high value coupons for these products as many people start out the January with a new year's resolution to quit smoking.

9. Cookie Dough, Baking Kits, Chocolate Chips, Nuts  - Stores stock up on these items during the holiday months since so many people still do some amount of holiday baking. But now that the holidays are over, it's time to move these items off the shelves as people start dieting. Watch for rock bottom clearance pricing that you can combine with coupons. Start watching in December for coupons for boxed baking kits that do not expire to mid January are later to really bring the price down on these clearance items. Refrigerated cookie dough can be frozen and used over a year later. I usually stock up on lots of baking items for the following year by purchasing these items on clearance and with coupons.  This method has cut my costs on my holiday baking down to about 75%. For instance, Kroger currently is clearing out its holiday flavors (peanut butter, sugar, peppermint sugar, gingerbread) of Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough. You can get a big roll of cookie chub for just $1.50. Before Christmas, this stuff can run up to $4 per chub, which makes that $1.50 price look mighty good. Add in that Pillsbury has a coupon that is good until February for an entire dollar off just one package and you are now getting cookie dough for just 50 cents a roll!  This is also a great time to stock up on clearance prices for nuts. Watch for coupons from Planters, Red Diamond and Fisher to sweeten the deals!

10. Cheese - Cheese is usually very expensive especially those fancy cheeses that are served at holiday parties. Start watching expiration dates on coupons issued in December so they can be used on cheese markdowns after the first of the year. One of my favorite coupons is $1 off Alouette Cheese. Some of these can run up to $7 but can be marked down as low as a buck once New Year's Eve parties have passed. Combine these drastic markdowns with a $1 off coupons to bring home some fancy cheese at prices as low as FREE!

Just 10 Things Currently In Season

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1. Soups/Broths: Watch for coupons for Soups as the weather turns colder especially from Campbells, Imagine and Progresso. This is a great time to save on family favorites such as Chicken Noodle Soup and Tomato Soup. Plus watch for great deals on Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken Soups which are often used in must have dishes at Thanksgiving such as green bean casserole! Swanson Broths are also on sale these time of year and there are usually coupons to boot!

2. Crunchy Onions (Topping/Coating): Look for coupons for French's Crunchy Onions as well as sale prices on storebrand crunchy onions since green bean casserole has become an American Thanksgiving and Christmas favorite.

3. Coffee: No cold weather morning would be complete without your favorite cup of Joe. Look for sales and coupons from Folger's, Starbucks, Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts among others.

4. Candy Bars: Get ready to stuff those stockings at Christmas with sales on individual size candy bars. You can usually find coupons in tear pad form at your local grocery stores or printable coupons online. Combine these with great sale prices to add a candy bar or two as a sweet treat from Santa.

5. Frozen Foods Including Frozen Pies: While the savings may only be in the 30% range, many frozen foods go on sale this time of year and have coupons for items that include anything from taquitos and eggrolls to pizza and frozen waffles.  Keep in mind that this does not include ice cream.With the holidays quickly approaching, watch for sales and coupons for pies including Sara Lee, Mrs. Smith's and Edwards pies.

6. Canned Goods: Watch for low prices to combine with coupons from Libby's, Del Monte, Red Gold and others to stock up on canned vegetables for use all year long. Winter is a great time to stock up on green beans, canned tomatoes, canned corn as well as canned chili and canned pasta.

7. Whipped Cream: You can serve that pumpkin pie or hot chocolate without the whipped cream. Both store and national brands go on sale this time of year. Reddi Wip often offers small value coupons that can be doubled. Watch for coupons for Cool Whip as well.

8. Baking Items: This is the time to stock up on everything from powdered sugar to chocolate chips to baking soda and yeast. Look for coupons from namebrand manufacturers including C&H, Domino, Hershey, Nestle Tollhouse and more!

9. Biscuits, Rolls, Cresent Rolls: Pillsbury has lots of coupons out right now for these items but also watch for coupons from King's Hawaiian, Sister Schubert and others namebrand makers of bread products to complete your holiday meals.

10. Sore Throat Drops/Lozenges: Combine rock bottom sale prices with coupons from Halls & Ricola as well as other name brands to stock up for the winter on this cold weather must!

Just 10 Deals You Can Save Money on With Coupons

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If you have recently purchased coupons from me then you probably have received some of the following coupons or if you get the Sunday newspaper each week, you will have these coupons which make for the following great deals:

1) $1/1 Sara Lee Snacks - Sara Lee Baked Snacks are 2 for $5 at Kroger. Use your $1/1 coupon to get these for just $1.50 each.

2) $1/1 Tasty Cakes -  Tasty Cakes are priced at 2 for $5 at Kroger. Use this $1/1 coupon to bring home a box for just $1.50.

3) $1/5 Buddig 2 oz Lunchmeat - The small 2 oz pkgs of Buddig lunchmeat is $0.64 each at Wal-mart currently. Use this coupon to get each pack for just $0,44 wyb 5. But look for even cheaper prices at regional stores that you can price match. I was recently able to price match these to a smaller regional grocer for just $0.46 each. I topped it with this coupon to make each pkg just $0.26 each when I bought 5. (There is also a printable currently available on coupons.com)

4) $0.20/1 Hunt's Ketchup - Sometimes every little bit counts. Watch for sales on small bottles of Hunt's Ketchup around $1 ea. Use this coupon to lower the price to $0.80. If you have doubling, this coupon can bring the price down to just $0.60. And if you are lucky enough to live where stores round up smaller value coupons to $1, this itty bitty coupon could net you some free ketchup.

4) $0.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles - These are priced at $1 at Kroger stores (and its affiliates) that still double coupons which means free noodles. Those Kroger stores that no longer double have these for $0.84. Use the coupon to pick these up for just $0.34 each. Wal-Mart and HEB both have these priced at $0.64 so the coupon would make each tray just $0.14 each.

5) $1/2 Bumble Bee Tuna - Kroger and CVS have small individual pkgs of Bumble Bee Premium Tuna for $1 each. Buy 2 and use this coupon to get these for just $0.50 ea wyb 2.

6) $1/4 Nissan Big Cup Noodles - Watch for these to around $1 for 2 or less. Some HEB stores are offering these at a price of $1 for 3.  Buy 12 and use 3 coupons. You'll end up with 12 cups for a total of $1. This works out to a little over 8 cents per cup!

7) $0.502 Ortega Products - Watch for great deals on Ortega Taco Shells. This week in the Houston area, Food Town has these 3 for $1. I'm price matching this deal at Wal-Mart. Buy 6 for $2 and use 3 $0.50/2 coupons for a total of $1.50 off, leaving your total OOP just $1 for six boxes of taco shells. That's a little over $0.16 per box!

8) Kroger Private Selection Chips BOGO coupons - Kroger is continuing their mini-mega on their Private Selection brand products. Look for the chips display tear pads for BOGO coupons! I was able to get 4 bags of Private Selection Chips for under $1 a bag by combining the mini-mega price with my senior discount and BOGO store coupons. The chips normally sell for $2.99 a bag. Way too much for my pocketbook but wyb 4, Kroger lowers the price by $1 per bag to $1.99.  Buy 4, use 2 BOGO coupons to get all 4 bags for just $3.98 total. If you get the senior discount of 10% off Kroger label products, you can lower this total by about $0.40, bringing down your cost to around $0.90 per bag!

9) $1/4 Libby's Canned Vegetables - Watch for low prices on Libby's canned goods at smaller regional stores as well as Dollar General which often has these for $0.50 per can. Price Match it at Wal-Mart, use your coupon and instead of paying $0.84 per can, get these for just a quarter each wyb 4.

10) FREE Redbox Rental - Use this code to get a free Redbox rental through October 24. Here's that magic code:  MCPC413S  I love free movies!

Just 10 Things to help you avoid counterfeit coupons

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While I certainly believe in ethical couponing, there are a lot of folks out in the world today who do not. So how can you be sure your coupons are legit and not counterfeit coupons which cost manufacturers thousands of dollars each year and thus in turn result in food prices going up?

1) Get your coupons from reputable Sunday newspapers. That is where I get the bulk of my coupons! These are also the coupons I offer through my clipping services. All my coupons come from the Houston Chronicle and Chronicle printed smaller newspapers in the Houston area.  Anyone with a clipping service should be able to tell you exactly where they got their coupons!

2) Get coupons at your local store. If you walk the aisles routinely, you will find that most stores have great displays with tear pad coupons, hang tag coupons on products and blinkies from Smart Source. While these coupons may not be the greatest deal when you get them, save them up for when the price is lower since often these coupons are put out for consumers when the product price is at it's highest peak of the sales cycle.


3) If you print coupons online at home, make sure your coupons go through a coupon printer application like those associated with Smart Source, Coupons.com, Red Plum or The Coupon Network (aka Catalina Coupon Network).

4) If you can see the actual coupon before you print it, that's a big RED flag. While some smaller companies may issue coupons via pdf prints on their websites, most companies will contract with coupons.com, Red Plum, Smart Source or The Coupon Network to distribute their coupons through their coupon printer delivery methods.


5) If a coupon in pdf or jpg form shows up on a bulletin board type site especially if the poster is anonymous, usually the coupon is counterfeit.

6) If someone sends you a coupon via email and the coupon is in pdf or jpg form and fully visible when you go to print it, usually these are also counterfeit.

7) If a coupon is for an extremely high value, usually this is a red flag. Now I am not talking about coupons for free product like the ones that are released for a new product occassionally.  But if you get a coupon for say $9/1 of a product that normally sells for $4, an educated guess would tell you that the coupon is probably counterfeit.

8 ) If someone tells you to only use the coupon at a self check out. This is a big red flag because if the coupon is legit, why wouldn't you be able to go through full service. At Wal-Mart, a customer service manager must approve cash back from overage. If someone is only using the self check at Wal-Mart where you scan coupons yourself, then they seem to be avoiding the manager from seeing their coupons. That just sounds sketchy to me!

9) Coupon lacks bar codes. While coupons for fast food, restaurants, movie theatres and even local store coupons may not include bar codes, manufacturers coupons for nationwide products always carry a bar code!


10) If your coupons look a bit off to you, then you should check them against the database of known counterfeit coupons at federal Coupon Information Corporation

Just 10 Seasonal Things You Should Be Stocking Up While the Price is Low

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1. Office/School Supplies - Every store in town has sales on these items as the Back to School season is underway. Time now to stock up on everything from pens to paper to tape and envelopes. Look for a variety of coupons including those for Bic, Papermate and 3M Post Its.

2.  Condiments - Last chance to grab Ketchup & Mustard at rock bottom prices. Sales will continue through Labor Day.


3. Hot Dogs - Stock your freezer up now through Labor Day on the lowest prices of the year on hot dogs. If you can't find dogs $1 and under, you just aren't looking hard enough.

4. Grilling Sausages - Many grilling sausages (Butterball, Hilshire, Johnsonville) are on sale and have great coupons to go with to drop those prices down.
5. Peanut Butter - While peanut butter is hard to get coupons for, this is still the best time of year to stock up. Don't forget to check out your storebrand. Often it is just as good as the national brand but at a much better price without a coupon.

5. Jelly/Jam - You can't have PB&J without the J. Many brands are on sale this time of year and Welch's even has coupons out for $1/2. Also watch for Welch's hang tags for $0.75/1 any one!
6. Lunchbox Treats - If you can put it in a lunchbox, chances are, it's on sale right now. Look for great deals on cereal bars, granola bar, candy and juice boxes/drink pouches.
7. Cereal - Watch for great deals on cereal this time of year including milk & cereal promotions.

8. Frozen Pizza - Frozen Pizza is often dirt cheap when you combine coupons and sales prices this time of year. Frozen Pizza companies are targetting busy parents who are trying to get the kiddos back in school and have little time to cook.
9. Bug Spray - Last chance through Labor Day to stock up on a variety of cheap bug spray. Look for coupons from Hot Shot, Off, Raid & Combat.

10.  Ice Cream & Ice Cream Novelties - There is still time to stock up on ice cream treats while the prices are their lowest. Look for coupons from Cadburry, Blue Bunny, Snickers/Twix, Dove Ice Cream bars.
Bonus - If you need a small microwave, toaster oven or small refrigerator, get them now while items for dorm rooms are on sale! You can also find good bargains on futons this time of year as well.

New Coupon Web Store Open in Response to Ebay Coupon Policy Change

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On September 1, 2013, Ebay will change their coupon policy! As of that date, sellers are only allowed to sell a total of 25 coupons per month or $100 worth, whichever comes first. Coupons for free items including BOGO coupons will no longer be allowed. Coupon sellers are also not allowed to offer free shipping.


Basically, this change puts me out of business on ebay. Good thing I didn't sign that 1 year committment for an ebay store!  The only coupons you will probably find on ebay after that will be packets of 5 or 10 like coupons and even those will probably be scarce. Since so many of you have contacted me personally about how to maintain your coupon fix, (Don't worry - I'm addicted too! LOL ) I have created a web store here on this site so you can still order packets of 99 Misc. Grocery/Drug Store coupons with free shipping.


I have checked around with some of the other clipping services online and it seems most offer 10 like coupons for around $1 and the buyer pays upwards of $0.70 in shipping. From time to time I may offer special packets of 10 or more like coupons but for the most part, my goal is make enough money to buy groceries and gas while helping you save money so I think my packets of 99 coupons are a better deal overall.


For those of you who liked getting my packets for the low ball bid price of $1.85 per packet on Ebay, you will see an increase in the price here which is now $1.99. I had to make up for those packets that would end up with bid prices around $3. For those of you who liked to just Buy It Now at the ebay price of $2.50, you will see a decrease in your costs.  Those of you wanting custom packets, please know that these take a lot longer to do but I am offering a 50 coupon packet customized to your needs with duplicates and like coupons for $2.50. I am also offering a baby packet for those of you with little ones! All of my packets include free shipping.


Now since this web store is a totally new thing for me. I hope my first few customers will be patient and understanding as I work out any bugs that may be there. I'm sorry but I do need some guinea pigs but please know I think much higher of all of you than guinea pigs!


In fact, my first order will include Five (5) coupons for $1/1 Bic Stationary Products (Offer GONE) which can net you some free pens right now at both Kroger & Wal-Mart with overage. So please feel free to try out my web store and place your orders!

10 Great Deals to go with Coupons from Ebay

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If you recently purchased coupons from me, chances are you have at least one of the coupons mentioned below which makes for one of my Top 10 great deals going on right now. Please keep in mind that these are the prices at my stores in the Houston, Texas area. Your prices may be different but hopefully this will give you an idea of what is out there.

1. Snickers/Twix/Dove Ice Cream Bars - These ice cream novelties are running for $2.97 at wal-Mart and $2.99 at Kroger. If you have the $1/1 any one Snickers/Twix/Dove Ice Cream Bars, you can get these for under $2 which is about a 33% savings which isn't bad for a frozen item. What makes these deal so sweet is if you can find the specially marked boxes of Snickers & Twix Ice Cream bars that include the free Redbox code (a $1.20 savings!).

2. Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade/Orangeade/Cherry Limeade - These boxes of four cups is currently on the 10 for $10 sale at my Kroger. Use your $1/2 to bring the price down to just $0.50 a box. These frozen novelties do not get any cheaper. That's a stock up price in my book!

3. Skinny Cow Candy - Individual Skinny Cow candy are still on the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal at Kroger. These are running between $0.79-$0.89. Use your Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon to end up with 3 candies for the price of one. Do this deal to the extreme with three B1G1 coupons and end up with six candies for the price of one!

4. Butterball Turkey Sausage - Butterball Turkey Sausage is 2 for $4 or $2 each at my Kroger. Use your $0.55/1 Butterball Turkey Sausage coupon to bring the price down to just $1.45. With that kind of deal, I bought four for my freezer!

5. Butterball Turkey Bacon - Watch for this to be around $1.29 at most Walgreens store. Use your $0.55/1 coupon to bring the price down to just $0.74 a package!

6. Reynolds Baking Cups - The pastel Reynolds Baking Cups are $0.75 at Kroger and $0.94 at Wal-Mart. Use your $1/1 any one Reynold's Baking Cups for free baking cups plus a nice overage.

7. Activa Yogurt (4pk) - The 4 pks of Activia Yogurt are on sale for $1.99. Use your $1/1 coupon to cut your price in half for 50% savings!

8. Welch's Grape Jelly - Dollar General has Welch's Jelly on sale for just $2 a jar this week. Use your $1/2 to bring the price down to just $1.50 per jar!

9. Bic Cristal Pens - Kroger has these for just $0.89 a pkg while Wal-Mart has these for $0.97. Use your $1/1 any one Bic stationary product to bring home free pens plus overage!

10. Buddig 2 oz Lunchmeat - Wal-Mart has these for $0.58 each. Use your $1/5 to bring the price down to just $0.38 per package. These freeze really nicely btw.

Bonus: M&Ms - Walgreens has M&Ms candies for just $0.49 with your balance rewards card. Use your Buy 1 M&Ms Get 1 M&M candy bar free coupon to get 2 candies for under $0.50!

Just 10 Things to Help You Save on Dairy Items - Part 2

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1. Cheese is one of the top items stolen from supermarkets because it is so expensive. However you can lower your cost by using coupons. Kraft, Sargento, Frigo, Cracker Barrel and Borden's does release coupons from time to time for their cheese products. Don't count out your store brand. Sometimes the store brand is still cheaper even with coupons for the name brand. And if you have a senior or military discount on store brand items, this can even sweeten the deal.

2. Watch for coupons from Alouette. Alouette releases coupons several times a year for their fancy cheese that you often find near the deli. Now Alouette cheese can run up to $6.99 for some varieties so make sure you match your coupon to a sale on this pricey cheese. Recently Kroger had these for $2 each. By adding my $1/1 coupon, I was able to get the price down to just $1 each. Because Alouette is not a fast seller, these often go on manager's special when they have been sitting on the shelf too long. Look for major overstock to go on markdown right after January 1st to get really cheap or even free Alouette. Also Wal-Mart has Alouette Feta Cheese for $1.97 so watch for Alouette coupons for $0.55/1 to bring the price down to $1.42.
3. If you find a good deal on sliced/individually wrapped cheese or grated cheese, please know that you can freeze these with little problem. Freezing block cheese sometimes makes it crumble.
4. Buy block cheese and grate yourself is another way to save money when buying cheese.
Cream Cheese

5. Look for coupons for Philadelphia Cream Cheese and various cream cheese products by Philly from November until January when baking items go into season! Once again, don't count out the store brand. Kroger often has their store brand cream cheese for a buck a package.
Butter/Butter Spreads

6. Watch for coupons from Country Crock, Smart Balance & Challenge to bring prices down. If you can combine these coupons with a mega sale price, your savings will go even farther. Country Crock coupons are often for around $0.35 so if you have doubling and/or tripling, these might make for a good deal.
7. Land O Lakes offers coupons mostly during the late fall and winter months when more people are baking!
Ice Cream & Ice Cream Novelties

8. Summer is the season for great deals on ice cream and ice cream novelties. Currently there are coupons available for all sorts of ice cream products. Look for tear pads at your local store as well. Last weekend, $1/1 Snickers/Twix/Dove Ice Cream bars was released which brings down the $2.97 price at Wal-Mart & Kroger to just $1.97. Watch for specially marked pkgs with free Redbox movie codes to make your money go farther. These codes are worth a free rental which normally costs $1.20!
9. If you live in the south and love Bluebell Ice Cream then you really must visit the Blue Bell website to get $1/1 printable coupons. You can normally print 2 coupons per computer every 4-6 weeks.

10. Coupons for yogurt are everywhere these days. Kid friendly, calorie conscious and greek yogurts are all the rage right now. Coupons can be found in Sunday papers, tear pads at the store and even on the products themselves from time to time. Recently I went to Wal-Mart and brought home 33 Chobani individual yogurts for free. Each was priced at just $1 and had a $1/1 coupon taped to the top. Keep your eyes peeled at Wal-Mart as you never know what you will find!

Web Store Coming Soon for Ebay Coupon Customers

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In light of the new coupon policy at ebay (as stated in recent post), I will be adding a web store so my ebay customers can continue to get coupons from me.  Expect to see the web store in the next week or so here. You will be able to find it on the page in the upper right hand corner near where it says Just 10 Things & Contact Me. I just need to do a little tweaking on it before I release it live online.

I really appreciate the support so many of you have shown regarding this endeavor. So many of you have written me and telling me how addicted they are to couponing. (I'm addicted too! LOL) My ebay customers are the best!

I will be continuing to sell mixed packets of 99 grocery and drug store coupons with the emphasis on food items. From time to time, I will have special packets available in addition. For instance, I plan to offer a baby packet with coupons for diapers, formula and other baby items. I may offer packets for Target shoppers with matching stacking coupons from time to time. I may also do a special pet packet. I will also be offering custom packets where you want the good mix of items but you may want 5 of a certain coupon or 10 of this other coupon.

It really all depends on the coupons available and what you, my customers, want. Like I said before I will still have my packets of 99 misc coupons available!

Thanks again for all your support!