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New Coupon Web Store Open in Response to Ebay Coupon Policy Change

Posted on August 12, 2013 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)

On September 1, 2013, Ebay will change their coupon policy! As of that date, sellers are only allowed to sell a total of 25 coupons per month or $100 worth, whichever comes first. Coupons for free items including BOGO coupons will no longer be allowed. Coupon sellers are also not allowed to offer free shipping.


Basically, this change puts me out of business on ebay. Good thing I didn't sign that 1 year committment for an ebay store!  The only coupons you will probably find on ebay after that will be packets of 5 or 10 like coupons and even those will probably be scarce. Since so many of you have contacted me personally about how to maintain your coupon fix, (Don't worry - I'm addicted too! LOL ) I have created a web store here on this site so you can still order packets of 99 Misc. Grocery/Drug Store coupons with free shipping.


I have checked around with some of the other clipping services online and it seems most offer 10 like coupons for around $1 and the buyer pays upwards of $0.70 in shipping. From time to time I may offer special packets of 10 or more like coupons but for the most part, my goal is make enough money to buy groceries and gas while helping you save money so I think my packets of 99 coupons are a better deal overall.


For those of you who liked getting my packets for the low ball bid price of $1.85 per packet on Ebay, you will see an increase in the price here which is now $1.99. I had to make up for those packets that would end up with bid prices around $3. For those of you who liked to just Buy It Now at the ebay price of $2.50, you will see a decrease in your costs.  Those of you wanting custom packets, please know that these take a lot longer to do but I am offering a 50 coupon packet customized to your needs with duplicates and like coupons for $2.50. I am also offering a baby packet for those of you with little ones! All of my packets include free shipping.


Now since this web store is a totally new thing for me. I hope my first few customers will be patient and understanding as I work out any bugs that may be there. I'm sorry but I do need some guinea pigs but please know I think much higher of all of you than guinea pigs!


In fact, my first order will include Five (5) coupons for $1/1 Bic Stationary Products (Offer GONE) which can net you some free pens right now at both Kroger & Wal-Mart with overage. So please feel free to try out my web store and place your orders!

Web Store Coming Soon for Ebay Coupon Customers

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

In light of the new coupon policy at ebay (as stated in recent post), I will be adding a web store so my ebay customers can continue to get coupons from me.  Expect to see the web store in the next week or so here. You will be able to find it on the page in the upper right hand corner near where it says Just 10 Things & Contact Me. I just need to do a little tweaking on it before I release it live online.

I really appreciate the support so many of you have shown regarding this endeavor. So many of you have written me and telling me how addicted they are to couponing. (I'm addicted too! LOL) My ebay customers are the best!

I will be continuing to sell mixed packets of 99 grocery and drug store coupons with the emphasis on food items. From time to time, I will have special packets available in addition. For instance, I plan to offer a baby packet with coupons for diapers, formula and other baby items. I may offer packets for Target shoppers with matching stacking coupons from time to time. I may also do a special pet packet. I will also be offering custom packets where you want the good mix of items but you may want 5 of a certain coupon or 10 of this other coupon.

It really all depends on the coupons available and what you, my customers, want. Like I said before I will still have my packets of 99 misc coupons available!

Thanks again for all your support!

Ebay Coupon Policy Change

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Friends!

Thank you to all my ebay customers for keeping me afloat the past couple of years as this is my only constant income at this time.


Ebay has changed their coupon policy and as of Sept 1, 2013, I will no longer be able to sell my clipping services on Ebay. Ebay is only going to allow the sale of 25 coupons per month or $100 in coupon value per month, whichever comes first, and no free shipping!


I have been told on Sept 1, my posts will be removed and my account could be cancelled or suspended.


If you are interested in my clipping services, please feel free to contact me here.


I did add a "Contact Me" page soon recently. You can contact me any time even if you just have a couponing question.


I think my ebay customers are wonderful and I truly want to continue helping y'all save money! So even if you no longer buy from me, I will be keeping this blog going! I can't say that I have all the answers. But I may have a few tips and hints that you haven't thought of yet. :)


Thank you, Corrie