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Just 10 Deals You Can Save Money on With Coupons

Posted on October 5, 2013 at 12:50 PM

If you have recently purchased coupons from me then you probably have received some of the following coupons or if you get the Sunday newspaper each week, you will have these coupons which make for the following great deals:

1) $1/1 Sara Lee Snacks - Sara Lee Baked Snacks are 2 for $5 at Kroger. Use your $1/1 coupon to get these for just $1.50 each.

2) $1/1 Tasty Cakes -  Tasty Cakes are priced at 2 for $5 at Kroger. Use this $1/1 coupon to bring home a box for just $1.50.

3) $1/5 Buddig 2 oz Lunchmeat - The small 2 oz pkgs of Buddig lunchmeat is $0.64 each at Wal-mart currently. Use this coupon to get each pack for just $0,44 wyb 5. But look for even cheaper prices at regional stores that you can price match. I was recently able to price match these to a smaller regional grocer for just $0.46 each. I topped it with this coupon to make each pkg just $0.26 each when I bought 5. (There is also a printable currently available on coupons.com)

4) $0.20/1 Hunt's Ketchup - Sometimes every little bit counts. Watch for sales on small bottles of Hunt's Ketchup around $1 ea. Use this coupon to lower the price to $0.80. If you have doubling, this coupon can bring the price down to just $0.60. And if you are lucky enough to live where stores round up smaller value coupons to $1, this itty bitty coupon could net you some free ketchup.

4) $0.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles - These are priced at $1 at Kroger stores (and its affiliates) that still double coupons which means free noodles. Those Kroger stores that no longer double have these for $0.84. Use the coupon to pick these up for just $0.34 each. Wal-Mart and HEB both have these priced at $0.64 so the coupon would make each tray just $0.14 each.

5) $1/2 Bumble Bee Tuna - Kroger and CVS have small individual pkgs of Bumble Bee Premium Tuna for $1 each. Buy 2 and use this coupon to get these for just $0.50 ea wyb 2.

6) $1/4 Nissan Big Cup Noodles - Watch for these to around $1 for 2 or less. Some HEB stores are offering these at a price of $1 for 3.  Buy 12 and use 3 coupons. You'll end up with 12 cups for a total of $1. This works out to a little over 8 cents per cup!

7) $0.502 Ortega Products - Watch for great deals on Ortega Taco Shells. This week in the Houston area, Food Town has these 3 for $1. I'm price matching this deal at Wal-Mart. Buy 6 for $2 and use 3 $0.50/2 coupons for a total of $1.50 off, leaving your total OOP just $1 for six boxes of taco shells. That's a little over $0.16 per box!

8) Kroger Private Selection Chips BOGO coupons - Kroger is continuing their mini-mega on their Private Selection brand products. Look for the chips display tear pads for BOGO coupons! I was able to get 4 bags of Private Selection Chips for under $1 a bag by combining the mini-mega price with my senior discount and BOGO store coupons. The chips normally sell for $2.99 a bag. Way too much for my pocketbook but wyb 4, Kroger lowers the price by $1 per bag to $1.99.  Buy 4, use 2 BOGO coupons to get all 4 bags for just $3.98 total. If you get the senior discount of 10% off Kroger label products, you can lower this total by about $0.40, bringing down your cost to around $0.90 per bag!

9) $1/4 Libby's Canned Vegetables - Watch for low prices on Libby's canned goods at smaller regional stores as well as Dollar General which often has these for $0.50 per can. Price Match it at Wal-Mart, use your coupon and instead of paying $0.84 per can, get these for just a quarter each wyb 4.

10) FREE Redbox Rental - Use this code to get a free Redbox rental through October 24. Here's that magic code:  MCPC413S  I love free movies!

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