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Just 10 Things

Just 10 Things Currently In Season

Posted on November 14, 2013 at 9:20 AM

1. Soups/Broths: Watch for coupons for Soups as the weather turns colder especially from Campbells, Imagine and Progresso. This is a great time to save on family favorites such as Chicken Noodle Soup and Tomato Soup. Plus watch for great deals on Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken Soups which are often used in must have dishes at Thanksgiving such as green bean casserole! Swanson Broths are also on sale these time of year and there are usually coupons to boot!

2. Crunchy Onions (Topping/Coating): Look for coupons for French's Crunchy Onions as well as sale prices on storebrand crunchy onions since green bean casserole has become an American Thanksgiving and Christmas favorite.

3. Coffee: No cold weather morning would be complete without your favorite cup of Joe. Look for sales and coupons from Folger's, Starbucks, Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts among others.

4. Candy Bars: Get ready to stuff those stockings at Christmas with sales on individual size candy bars. You can usually find coupons in tear pad form at your local grocery stores or printable coupons online. Combine these with great sale prices to add a candy bar or two as a sweet treat from Santa.

5. Frozen Foods Including Frozen Pies: While the savings may only be in the 30% range, many frozen foods go on sale this time of year and have coupons for items that include anything from taquitos and eggrolls to pizza and frozen waffles.  Keep in mind that this does not include ice cream.With the holidays quickly approaching, watch for sales and coupons for pies including Sara Lee, Mrs. Smith's and Edwards pies.

6. Canned Goods: Watch for low prices to combine with coupons from Libby's, Del Monte, Red Gold and others to stock up on canned vegetables for use all year long. Winter is a great time to stock up on green beans, canned tomatoes, canned corn as well as canned chili and canned pasta.

7. Whipped Cream: You can serve that pumpkin pie or hot chocolate without the whipped cream. Both store and national brands go on sale this time of year. Reddi Wip often offers small value coupons that can be doubled. Watch for coupons for Cool Whip as well.

8. Baking Items: This is the time to stock up on everything from powdered sugar to chocolate chips to baking soda and yeast. Look for coupons from namebrand manufacturers including C&H, Domino, Hershey, Nestle Tollhouse and more!

9. Biscuits, Rolls, Cresent Rolls: Pillsbury has lots of coupons out right now for these items but also watch for coupons from King's Hawaiian, Sister Schubert and others namebrand makers of bread products to complete your holiday meals.

10. Sore Throat Drops/Lozenges: Combine rock bottom sale prices with coupons from Halls & Ricola as well as other name brands to stock up for the winter on this cold weather must!

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